Smart-simple-effective solutions for mobile & online while  traveling  in  Israel .

Flying to Israel ? want to keep your mobile life connected?want to avoid extra surprise costs ?

7/14/30 Day packages - unlimited local calls & SMS + Data package or Data package only .

Our  advantages  :

  • Free SIM card - We offer a free triple-SIM card that matches all phone sizes

  • LOCAL UK-LONDON COLLECTION - online pickup or fast SIM shipping- check online our representative list

  • All Unlimited Packages -  data & local calls or data only - no top-up worries

  • No billing surprises - Fixed price for every package - Special group rates 

  • Free international calls on VOIP apps (WhatsApp, viber etc)ia Unlimited Data

  • Instant service availability on landing in Israel

  • Customer service – English & Hebrew – by mail / by WhatsApp / by phone

  • Keep your new SIM card and your new Israeli number for future use

  • Keep your UK WhatsApp number.  

  • Business / Family / groups special packages.

  • Pay-pal / CC secure payment.