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Smart-simple-effective solutions for mobile & online while  traveling  in  Israel .

Flying to Israel ? want to keep your mobile life connected?want to avoid extra surprise costs ?

7/14/30 Day packages - unlimeted local calls & SMS + Data package or Data package only .


Our  company  -

NOY SMART SOLUTIONS is an Israeli company. It has been part the   SHAHAR BUSINESS GROUP for 8 years.)

our service to the business market is based on finding the best solutions for communications packages among the many "good offers" that can be found.

Through our  services , many  companies  have saved a lot  of  money  on their monthly expenses .

our customers include AROMA ISRAEL ,  SOHO RESTAURANT,  SUN HOTELS and many more private businesses.

TODAY  , after much  research on the  current  solutions  , we  found  that  we can  offer improved  communication  solutions for  people coming  to  visit  in Israel .

Price Revolutions in the Israeli market mean we can achieve  attractive solutions for you.  

We always look to make our customers satisfied with our results  - because a satisfied customer stay a customer and help us get closer to our next customer .

Good results  . Good  service . Good  choices.